Legal Consulting & Policy Advice

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Tax Advice & Consultancy

Tax Audit

Analysis of tax risks
Review from time to time of the degree of compliance with tax obligations.

Corporation Tax

Tax advice regarding Corporation Tax.
Maximization of tax credit.
Closing of the financial year.
Handling of tax refunds.

Tax consolidation

Advice in the implementation of this system.
Advice in consolidated tax returns.

Mergers & Acquisition

Overall tax advice in mergers and acquisitions.
Design and development of corporate restructuring operations.
Application of special tax systems.

Large Companies

Planning of family property.
Optimization of family security portfolios.
Property tax exemptions.
Organization of family succession.
Advice to family-owned businesses.
Acquisition of family-owned businesses.
Minimization of the tax cost of distributing income among the family.

VAT, Special Taxes and Customs

Advisory services to international trade companies.
Imports and exports.
Tax deposits.
Operations within the European Community.
VAT refunds.
Special Taxes on Manufacturing.
Customs inspection.

Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty

Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.
Incompatibilities with VAT.
Stamp duty in relation to mercantile documents of an administrative nature: non-subjection and exemption assumptions.

Personal income Tax

Natural persons-tax planning of their personal income.
Legal persons-withholdings and remuneration in kind.

International Tax Planning

Investments abroad.
Permanent establishments.
Remuneration policy for staff working abroad.
Stockholding structures.
Foreign securities holding entities.
Double taxation arrangements.
Countries with low tax demands.


Design and application of tax settlement policies for expatriates.
Customized tax management for those involved.
Study of alternatives to minimize the tax burden.

Non-residents Income

Permanent establishments anywhere in the world.
Personal income tax of foreigners working in Spain.
Taxation of income obtained without a permanent establishment: Dividends, interest and royalties.

Transfer Prices

Planning and implementation of transfer prices for multinational companies.
Assistance in dealing with the Tax Administration and Courts.

Tax Procedures

Assistance and representation in tax handling, checking and collection procedures.
Appeals and economic or administrative claims against the Tax Administration.
Tax-related litigation.
Tax-related criminal proceedings.

Foundations & Non-profit Entities

Minimization of corporation tax.
Advice regarding how to book operations with tax consequences.
Tax advantages of contributions to be made.
Minimization of VAT charges.
General tax advice and relations with the Tax Administration.