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Policy Advice & Strategy

This is the Caisa Consulting division providing advice to the men and women who are meant to make the most important decisions.

Our goal in this field is to foster the human, social and political development of citizens, encouraging business development, a culture of responsibility and long-term vision. We start with a multidisciplinary approach offering the tools and solutions required to face the challenges of the Information Society in the third millennium.

Los servicios que el departamento de Asesoría Estratégica en RRHH de Caisa Consulting ofrece son los siguientes:


Probable, desirable and prospective scenarios; the young democracies across the world, to guide them towards the best paths of development and to enhance the election of their rulers in national elections, preparing them to make decisions, dynamizing teamwork, adopting action plans and preparing them for uncertainty and contingencies.

Our Team

In the Political Advice and Strategy group we have sound experience, highly qualified professionals and the know-how required to reach our customers objectives, preparing them to make decisions and to meet any unexpected developments.

Areas Analyzed

Understood in its widest sense, which includes training, preparation and the formal and informal education of citizens, seeking to provide educational alternatives that directly contribute to educational quality with a view to a better integration of individuals from a social and economic standpoint. Current economic and social development alternatives lie on quality education, which begins with a reassessment of the traditional approach.

The Importance of Values.
Rapid and profound technology transformations have a direct impact on companies, governments and society; their effects have a bearing on social equity, competitiveness and democracy. However, the quality of these changes entails negative effects such as exclusion, authoritarianism, and the impoverishment of humankind. There seem to be no limits to cut-throat competition, leading to a vicious cycle that has repercussions on the advancement and progress of society. The only defence against those effects lies in values.

Sound Political and Economic Structures.
The political and economic structures of the 20th century can not be carried over to the 21st century. International capital shortages, the expansion of the internet and the asymmetric effects of globalization call for new kinds of local and business development, based on the ability of members to generate sound structures, implement new technologies, new forms of organization and the investment in highly qualified human capital.

Available Resources.
The quality of life of human beings depends on the pool of available resources, whether tangible or intangible, as well as on an adequate preparation to be able to face the challenges posed by external agents such as climatic change, the impact of new technologies on society, water shortages and sustainable development, all of which require prevention policies and extensive civilian involvement at an international scale.


Does your organization have a clear and precise view of its projection, based on a desirable and possible future?

Against a backdrop of democracy and competitiveness, getting ahead of facts is essential to be able to successfully face future events.

The normative instruments used thus far by international organizations have not served to attain the best results in terms of security, the rule of Law, education quality, sustainable development, and protection of the environment.

Caisa Consulting provides its customers with specialized audits, analyses and recommendations to increase results quantitatively and qualitatively, modernizing international scenarios, analyzing the strategy of competitors, conceptual frameworks, speeches, organization systems, and the use of new technologies to guarantee an efficient human capital formation in politics.

Our studies are presented as executive summaries or in-depth reports. In all cases we propose elements of decision for immediate, mid-term and long-term public and private policies.

Our reports are confidential, treated as classified material, and our general rules are presided over by honesty, transparency and professional secrecy.


Dr. Tancredo Neves y Dr. José Sarney. 1984, Brasil.

Law. Felipe González Márquez. 1989, España.

Dr. Julio María Sanguinetti. 1984/1994, Uruguay.

Dr. Carlos Saúl Menem. 1988/1995, Argentina.

Ecom. Vicente Fox Q. 1999, México.

Dr. Álvaro Uribe. 2001, Colombia.

Dr. Abel Pacheco. 2001, Costa Rica.

Dr. Valdas Adamkus. 2001, Lituania.

Dr. Tabaré Vázquez. 2004, Uruguay.

Ecom. Nicolás Lapentti C. 2004, Ecuador.

Lic. Jimmy Jairala V. 2009 Ecuador. 2014 reelected.

And approximately 125 national election processes at government.

Our Services in this section Include

Sustainable Development Appraisals and Analyses.
Regional and Business Development.
Reinforcement of Human and Social Capital.
Social Policies.
Social and Economic Integration.
Surveys to Measure and Analyse the Opinion of Citizens.
New Codes of Values.
The Consolidation of Democracy.
International Relations.

Democratic vision

A deep analisis about strategy and political action, answering fundamental questions referring to regulation of political parties, candidates registration, internal democracy or election campaigns fundings.

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