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Advisory Services & Legal Consultancy

Administrative Law

Infringements and disciplinary penalties.
Contracts with public administration agencies.
Compulsory expropriation.
Rights on: Telecommunications, the Environment, Urban Planning, Construction, Real Estate.
Suits under Administrative Law.

Civil Law

Family Law: Family property planning. Secuities portfolio optimization.
Laws affecting foreign nationals.
Succession: Organization of successions. Claims by heirs, acceptance and award of inheritance.
Large estates: Structuring of family groups.
Obligations and Contracts: Loans, insolvency, purchase and sale, leaseholds, etc.
Marriage rights.
Damage rights: Non-contractual liability.
Rights in rem: Possession, property, usufruct, mortgage, real estate law, etc.

European Community Law

Scope of power.
Proceedings before EC agencies.
Central government and EC aid.

Constitutional Law

We specialize in studying the structure and the relationship with central government power and the system of rights and freedom.

Protection of constitutional rights

Appeals for protection to constitutional courts.
Appeals against unconstitutional practices.
Electoral system.

Sports Rights

Legal aspects relating to sports activities. (Sports Associations and Federations).
Occupational system.
Tax system applying to sports.
Infringements and sports penalties.

Tax Law

Tax procedures.
Property Tax.
Personal Income Tax.
Inheritance and Gift Tax.
Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty.
Real Estate Tax.
Value Added Tax.
Tax on Commercial and Professional Activities.
Customs Excise and Special Taxes.
Taxes on Construction, Facilities and Works.

Mortgages & Notaries Public

We take care of procedures involving notaries public and registrars of deeds.
Public Deeds.
Affidavits (Registry).
Affidavits (Notaries Public).
Registration procedures and schedule.
Filing with the Register of Deeds.

International Law

Caisa Consulting deals with the matters included in public and private international law proceedings, as well as with litigation at international courts. Our long experience allows us to study and reply to queries because we are active before all international courts and arbitration bodies.
Specialization in:
Laws affecting foreign nationals (residence and work permits, deportation, asylum, etc.).
European Community Law.
International Trade.
International Adoptions.

Maritime Law

Legal system regarding vessels (acquisition, shipbuilding, shipping contracts, registration of vessels, insurance, etc.).
Shipowner companies.
Transportation by sea.

Labor Law

Labor Law and Social Security.
Mediation in collective wage bargaining.
Contracts and layoffs.
Redundancy schemes.
Advisory services in relation to top management contracts.
Contentious proceedings.

Environmental Law

Caisa Consulting is renowned internationally for solving environmental disputes between governments and private companies. Our lawyers are widely experienced in matters relating to the supervision of environmental advisers and reviews by environmental auditors, as well as in coordinating the solving of disputes before regulatory authorities.
Specialization in:
Protection of the environment.
Administrative regulations.
Environmental offences.
Resources and the environment.
Studies on territorial arrangements.
Territorial environmental zoning studies.
Environmental impact appraisal.
Intervention on the environment.
Environmental audits.
Land studies and surveys.
Forestry inventories.
Market research.
Multivariance data analyses.
Quality control studies and design.
Statistical analyses for farming and industry.

Commercial Law

Competiton Law.
Corporation Law: Drawing up and execution of resolutions passed by a Company's Directors.
Public Limited Companies, Limited Liability Companies, etc.
Financial and banking law, securities exchanges: Structured financing operations.
Issuance of financial instruments and initial public offerings. Legal system and regulations. Credit institutions, securities and insurance.
Bankruptcy law: Stoppage of payments and bankruptcy.

Criminal Law

Economic criminal proceedings.
Fraudulent administration.
Fraudulent abuse.
Fraudulent infidelity.
Claims, defense and actions.
Design of Court strategy.
Administrative criminal system.

Procedural Law

Representation and defense at Court.
Arbitration and mediation.
Bankruptcies and stoppage of payments.
Ordinary and extraordinary appeals to Court (Remedies of Appeal, Requests for Reversal because of procedural infringement and motions to vacate).
Action for debt.
Compulsory process.
Bankruptcy law, paying attention to new legal developments in the countries we are present in.

Information Technology Law

I.T. public liability.
E-business contracts.
Litigation in respect of products and services.
I.T. offence.

Intellectual & Industrial Property Law

Patents and trademarks.
Prosecution of forged goods.
Contentious proceedings.

Legal Compliance Reviews

Commercial Law: Analysis of bylaws and capital stock structure. Checking of official books, minutes, powers of attorney and office. Checking with the Mercantile.
Registry. Structural analysis of the Board of Directors. Financial statements.
Contractual and trade relations.
Labor Law: Checking of compliance with employer's obligations (Social Security, accident prevention, permanent and non-temporary labor contracts).
Intellectual and Industrial Property.
The Environment.

Foundations & non profit Entities

Design of the appropriate form of entity.
Formalization of incorporation documents. Administrative authorizations and paperwork required for the entity to operate.
Permanent legal advice regarding the financing of the entity.
Relations with supporting administrative agencies.
Legal consultancy in the different areas of Law.