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Financial Advisory & Consultancy

The formation of new markets against the backdrop of globalization and business concentrati on has led companies to look for new business opportunities, allowing them to operate in an ever competitive environment.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the different sectors and markets allows us to provide our customers with customized advice and global solutions, ensuring the attainment of their goals and maintaining a close long-term relationship.

Caisa Consulting's Financial Advice and Consultancy Department divides this area into three fields of action:

Business Restructuring

We provide advisory services to companies with earnings below expectations or in the midst of a crisis. These include providing strategic advice, designing and implementing feasibility plans, executing restructurings and supporting stockholders and creditors in the management of these situations.

Our services include:

Corporate regeneration services:
Implementation of a stabilization plan in cases where the survival of the company is threatened.
Lowering of costs.
Design and implementation of a feasibility plan to relaunch the business.
Evaluation of staff competence.
Advice to creditors who are undergoing financial difficulties, facilitating decision-making.

Insolvency-related services:
Assistance to parties involved in stoppages of payments.
Purchase and sale of companies in a critical situation. Analysis of possible ways out of situations of crisis by fulfilling mandates to purchase and sell companies.

Restructuring of e-business companies. We have professionals specializing in giving advice and restructuring these kinds of business, providing new technology companies that are undergoing liquidity problems with agreements with venture capital investors and technology funds.

Advisory Services in Mergers & Acquisitions

At Caisa Consulting we focus on seeking opportunities for your business, the development of innovative ideas, and the analysis of efficient solutions, which helps to create value for your company and allows us to supervise the entire process from the onset until the signing of the agreement.

This area consists of the following services:

Mergers & acquisitions.
Caisa Consulting specializes in mergers & acquisitions and has extensive experience and know-how. It offers tangible solutions aiming to create value for stockholders by means of competitive processes.

We make it possible for companies to raise funds, minimizing the financial risk and reducing the cost of funds.

Strategic Financial Advice.
Our goal is to increase the value of a company. In order to achieve this we propose alliances or joint ventures, integration or disintegration processes and growth or diversification processes that can be profitable for your company.

Public & Private Sector

Acquisitions and Disinvestments.
Caisa Consulting es un asesor especializado en procesos de adquisición y desinversión en diversos sectores. Podemos asesorar en todas las etapas de una transacción.

Our work is based on:
Evaluating feasible alternatives.
Identifying potential candidates for purchase or sale.
Designing and determining the optimal structure for a transaction.
Advising throughout the process and the negotiations until an agreement is reached.

Project Financing.
Caisa Consulting's project financing processes represent an opportunity for private sector companies to participate in large-scale operations. Caisa Consulting's approach in these processes contributes to efficient risk allocation, investment and financing without resources.
Our project financing team covers all the advisory areas in these processes, from the conception and feasibility of projects to financing them.

Our work consists of:
Developing the appropriate sales structure for financing operations with limited resources.
Determining the optimal financial structure.
Helping to complete transactions by giving detailed support in the negotiation of terms and conditions.
Reviewing the legal compliance and due diligence of proposals and of project financing for financial institutions, etc.

Initial public offerings of state-owned companies are an increasing development in governments all over the world.
Caisa Consulting, via its IPO team, provides advisory services in the conception and development of IPO processes, by giving advice to private sector purchasers, helping in the entry into new markets and developing structures to allow them to compete internationally and to access national and international funds.

Our work focuses on:
Determining the most appropriate strategy and structure for each process, as well as designing new regulatory structures.
Studying the process for the state-owned institution or government involved.
Helping the private-sector successful bidder to develop appropriate proposals and financing.

Public-Private Cooperation.
Public-private cooperation allows the public sector to tap new sources of financing, as well as benefiting from private sector management and capacities, which entails lower costs and the generation of greater value for public sector assets. Both the public and the private sector work towards a common goal.

Our work consists of:
For the public sector:
Analysing feasibility.
Planning the type of cooperation.
Contributing the optimal contractual structure.
Managing the award process appropriately.
For the private sector:
Designing the strategy and collaboration offer.
Raising funds and providing all the relevant information.