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Economic Advisory & Consultancy

Caisa Consulting provides economic consultancy services focusing on business strategy, transaction, information and human resources management. The corporate management consultants help customers make decisions on how to allocate funds in order to obtain the maximum benefit from their investments. This ranges from production and distribution improvements to the complete renewal of production processes, including e-commerce strategies, quality control improvements, report management, and customer development.

These services allow companies to avail of a competitive advantage over their rivals and to stay ahead in the long run.

The business consultancy services are structured into the following areas:

E-business strategy and consultancy-'e-strategy & design'

These services are geared to positioning a company in the world of e-business. Our consultants at Caisa Consulting identify the opportunities and initiatives that can be taken by each of their customers in order to successfully embark on e-business and take advantage of all the advantages provided by new technologies.

Caisa Consulting works alongside companies to identify and analyse market opportunities, sector trends and competitors, all geared towards achieving the strategic positioning of their customer in the world of e-business. Caisa Consulting's e-strategy consultants define the business models, the management models and the processes that need to be implemented to reach that position, defining the transition plans and action plans to be carried out. They also define and design the technology architecture and infrastructure required to successfully reach the strategic objectives set by the company. The knowledge of the actual and potential possibilities of e-business solutions, both from a technology and business standpoint, allows our consultants at Caisa Consulting to put together proven models and open, scalable designs for our customers.

Business transformation consultancy

Business transformation consultancy allows the definition of a business strategy tailored to the company's business needs, transforming the organization and the way a company operates to implement that strategy.

This service identifies and analyses the strengths, opportunities and areas where the business can improve, establishing action plans and changes that will transform the business and make it more competitive.

The projects combine the experience in each sector with the knowledge of specific methodology and supporting technologies. In this way, Caisa Consulting provides its customers with a value added service leading to the implementation of strategies, processes and/or new technology solutions. Unlike other consultancy service providers, Caisa Consulting's work does not end when the strategic task is completed-it continues to support the company via the implementation of hardware and software applications.

Management of change consultancy

Management of change consultancy allows an organization to adapt to the needs of the business and efficiently manage all the elements that are affected in a company as a consequence of a transformation.

A change of business procedures can only be successful if the employees understand it, accept it and they change the way they operate and act. The objective of management of change is to take the organization to a new vision, eliminating the negative effects that any change brings about and boosting its positive aspects.

To ensure the success of the change it is necessary that a new vision, mission and values be defined, the current situation must be analysed; the impact on the organization's systems must be weighted; the existing systems have to be designed or modified to meet the new vision, mission and values; the key systems and processes have to be implemented; there needs to be a follow-up of the change, and the feedback is to be used to measure the extent to which the change is implemented.

The analysis of the customer's organizational structure, of its job positions and career profiles allows the management of change consultants at Caisa Consulting to weight the impact of the changes on the job positions in terms of variations in functions, roles and responsibilities, as well as defining the action and communication plans to be carried out in order to ensure a gradual and successful process of change.

Management of know-how consultancy

Management of know-how consultancy allows the creation of an operating structure and system by using the know-how and capacities of the people making up the organization as something to set the company apart.

Know-how is becoming invaluable because the greatest asset of a company lies in what the people making up that company know how to do and the way they do it. Management of know-how consultancy services, by analyzing the company's organization, processes and technology, identify where know-how is located within the organization and they define the processes and systems required to generate knew knowledge and to transfer or reuse the existing know-how.

The competitiveness of a company and its innovation capacity increasingly depend on how it uses, manages and stores the know-how existing within, which is often uncoordinated, scattered or even unknown.