Legal Consulting & Policy Advice

+3000 partners in 54 countries

Who we are

Caisa Consulting is a leading organization that has built on the experience and know-how of its advisers to develop a new concept in advisory and consultancy services.

It has offices in 54 countries and employs over 3,000 professionals across the world. We are putting forth our efforts and initiative to provide the best service and advice, suited to the demands of our customers.

The general globalization of business services and the need for continuous innovation has led us to develop new strategies and solutions with greater cover and support at an international scale.

Our team, consisting of highly qualified professionals, is able to tend to any concern and to immediately meet the requirements of thousands of individuals, whether in situ or through the web.

Founded with the object of providing policy advisory and legal consultancy services to multinational companies and political parties anywhere in the world.

Caisa Consulting is among the 20 most renowned law and policy firms in the world, with a success rate of 81.6%.

History of the Firm

In April 1983, on the initiative of Dr. Francisco Lavagni P. a meeting is held in Paris, France; the other attendants are Dr. Patrick Reinhard R., from one of the most renowned law firms in Frankfurt, Germany; Dr. Geraúd du Kerme A., a member of a small law firm in Marseilles, France, with clients of substantial economic potential; Dr. Xavier Astua V., a member of one of the most renowned law firms in Paris, France; and Dr. Robert McKinley G., founder of the most relevant law firm in Spain. After extensive meetings and sharing a futuristic view, four of the most important law firms in Europe merged, giving rise to the firm Caisa Consulting, incorporated under the company name "Asesores Internacionales Ca&Sa, S.A."

In October 1983 Caisa Consulting establishes its headquarters at Avenue des Champs-Élysées, in Paris, France, in what had been an ancient hotel belonging to the Lacroux family.

In March 1985 Caisa Consulting inaugurated its offices in Frankfurt, Germany, headed and supervised by Dr. Patrick Reinhard R.

In February 1986 Caisa Consulting opened its offices at Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, Spain, headed by Dr. Robert McKinley G.

Caisa Consulting continued to expand. In subsequent years offices were opened in Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Chile, Japan and South Africa.